The Vintage Years Programme

tvy1The Vintage Years is a series of ‘listener friendly’ generic radio programmes that do not mention days, times or seasons. The programmes are 57½ minutes in length and can be supplied to any interested radio organisation in MP3 format.  I can also make custom trailers for the programme relating directly to the station, therefore offering a complete service.

The construction of the programmes is as the logo suggests; a look back at the golden years of radio with music and hopefully some interesting facts and information from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with an occasional foray into the 1960’s.   With many stations now broadcasting programmes 24 hours a day, The Vintage Years is proving to be the ideal show to use between automation and ‘live’ output as it is ‘presenter-led’ and aimed specifically at your listeners.

The programmes are offered free of charge, however, I would like to think that any interested stations would be happy to make a ‘donation’ to cover some of the cost involved in producing and distributing the programmes (including costs in reproducing the back-catalogue of programmes).

If you would like to consider the suitability of “The Vintage Years” for your station please contact me and I will email a user name and password to you to enable you to log-in and download programmes as they become available.  Once you have registered, you will receive an email notifying you when new programmes become available for download.   Programmes will be available on the website for download for 13 weeks.

CDs & Mixer (adjusted)Back copies of the programmes will be available on CD in return for a small donation of £10.00 per CD to cover production and postage costs. Each CD has 10 programmes and playlists on it, or to put it another way, just a mere £1.00 for each programme!