Demo programmes of The Vintage Years are available now and can be sent free of charge to any interested HOSPITAL RADIO STATION based in the UK.

mixer3All you have to do is drop me an E-mail with your name, station, postal address and I’ll do the rest –


Community/Internet Radio

As well as providing musical entertainment for patients in Hospitals, the programmes are also available to the many emerging Community and Internet Radio stations up-and-down the UK for a donation of £2.50 per programme.drifters45 record

For an additional donation of £7.50 per programme, they can also be customised to suit individual stations and include breaks for advertisements or announcements.  Additionally I am also able to provide some trailers for the programmes if required

In the first instance email or phone for further information.

International Stations

Demo programmes of The Vintage Years can be sent for a small donation of £5.00 to any interested radio station based outwith the UK.

All you have to do is to make the required donation using the PayPal donate button and send me an email with your name, station, postal address and I’ll do the rest.

Voice Overs – Trailers, etc


Announcements, voice overs, trailers, sponsors messages, etc can also be provided, free for hospital radio stations and in return for a small donation for community, internet and other radio stations.

Email Address:  

Telephone:                   07715 050008